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Our Team

Why Teach at JA?

Become a Teacher at Jesuit Academy

Jesuit Education

Our school is guided by Catholic principles and these basics of Jesuit education: Gospel Values, Academic Excellence, Self-Discipline, Religious Diversity, and being Men for Others.

15:1 Students to Teacher Ratio

  • Each student gets noticed
  • Learning is enhanced
  • Classes become a community
  • Opportunity to participate
  • Ideas are shared
  • One-on-one work

Newly Renovated Classrooms

  • AV projector
  • Active classroom furniture
  • New carpet and ceiling
  • Full height glass whiteboards
  • Individual whiteboards at each desk

Compensation and Benefits

  • Salary competitive with Public School districts
  • Retirement
  • Healthcare

1:1 Computer Ratio

Every student has access to Chromebooks to encourage new learning tools in the classroom.

Team Member Success Differentiators

  • Relationship Oriented

    Presents a positive disposition, demonstrates compassion and empathy. Excels at building and maintaining personal and professional relationships while supporting, motivating, and developing others. Recognizes and uses opportunities to collaborate with team members and educate students. Effective communicator and supportive team player who builds partnerships to helps others to identify opportunities for personal and professional growth.

  • Mission Driven

    Understands/embraces/ champions the school’s mission and demonstrates personal and professional dedication to transforming the lives of students and their families by providing a unique faith-based education that breaks the cycle of poverty in the North Omaha community. Aligns daily operations with the overall mission of the school, builds understanding and demonstrates passion for the mission among team members and students.

  • Systems Oriented

    A keen understanding of how to implement the classroom operational processes and procedures that lead to efficient and effective school function, all focused on improved outcomes for students. Applies critical thinking to evaluate student achievement and student progress data, establish and communicate priorities, and build a budget to ensure responsible allocation of resources. 

  • Shared Leadership Model

    Comfortable working with team members that collaborates across departments to make decisions that benefit the school as a whole. Creates cultural conditions in which all team members do their best work in fulfillment of the school’s mission. Serves as an active team member in Jesuit’s operational structure, which includes an administrative team (President, Vice Presidents, and Principal) that attends to the educational and operational stability and vitality of the school, students, and alum, and a strong board committed to the financial sustainability of the school.

  • Self-Starter & Problem Solver

    Establishes priorities with team members and works tirelessly to achieve goals. Operates at a high level whether working independently or on a team. Consistently exceeds expectations with minimal supervision. When faced with expected or unexpected challenges, overcomes adversity maintaining focus, intensity and emotional control. Proactively identify issues, think creatively to formulate multiple responses, implement solutions, and evaluate their effectiveness. Balances her/his personal work demands with the needs of others.Effectively responds to challenges and competing demands.

  • Big Picture Oriented

    Ability to create and execute classroom plans to meet both short-term and long-term goals. Anticipates the future and evolves Jesuit Academy administration to continuously meet the needs of students, parents, alums and benefactors. Expertise with curriculum and program development and uses data-driven decision-making processes to recommend changes that will enhance student success. Recognizes the value of technology as a digital learning tool. Seeks opportunities for continuous growth for self and others and enjoys exploring, discussing and implementing new ideas and concepts. Fosters innovation and embraces changes that allow continued fulfillment of Jesuit Academy’s Mission.