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Third Party Event

Third Party Event or Fundraiser


All third party events or fundraisers must be approved by Jesuit Academy.

For the approved event, Jesuit Academy will provide:

  • materials including information about Jesuit Academy and our mission.
  • logos to be used for promotional purposes of the event.
  • a tax receipt for donations made payable to Jesuit Academy.

Please keep in mind:

  • Jesuit Academy maintains a private donor list, and cannot use its website, mailing list, donor list, or email list to solicit funds for a third party event.
  • Notice of the event must be given within 30 days prior if Jesuit Academy staff are requested to attend.

Before completing a Third Party Event or Fundraiser application, please review our guidelines.

Third Party Events & Fundraising Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in hosting an event for Jesuit Academy. Events such as yours are important in our efforts to raise funds and awareness of our mission to prepare the hearts, minds and bodies of young men to thrive through a Catholic/Christian education. Any individual or organization (outside of Jesuit Academy) that organizes and hosts an event, promotion, sale or donation drive on behalf of Jesuit Academy is defined as “third party.”

In order to enhance the success of third party fundraising events and to avoid conflicts with Jesuit Academy’s donors, corporate sponsors, or other events planned, the following policies should be observed. For more information or questions on third party events, please contact our Advancement team at 402-346-4464 x16 or
Communications Guidelines:

  • Participants may not use copyrighted information, logos, or photos without written consent of Jesuit Academy.
  • Jesuit Academy is a beneficiary, not a sponsor, of a third party event or fundraiser. All promotional materials should clearly state that the event is sponsored by you or your organization with net proceeds benefiting Jesuit Academy.
  • Jesuit Academy cannot be used in an event title but may be identified as the beneficiary of the event/promotion. For example, an event may not be referred to as “Jesuit Academy Bake Sale.” Instead, it should be promoted as “XYZ Bake Sale to benefit Jesuit Academy.”
  • If less than 100% of net proceeds will be donated, fundraisers must truthfully state the portion or amount of the proceeds which will be donated to Jesuit Academy in all advertising, promotions and in all contact with donors, sponsors, and participants.
  • The third party is responsible for its own marketing, including writing and distributing press releases, PSA’s, social media postings, invitations, ads, etc.
  • The third party must submit all public and promotional materials containing Jesuit Academy’s name and/or logo to Jesuit Academy for review and approval prior to publication and distribution of these materials. Please allow Jesuit Academy staff five (5) business days to review these materials.
  • Jesuit Academy does not participate as a “co-host” on third-party events posted on Facebook or other social media sites.

Financial Guidelines:

  • All third party expenses are the responsibility of the third party organizer and must be paid before net proceeds are given to Jesuit Academy.
  • No bank accounts or holding accounts may be established under the Jesuit Academy name.
  • Jesuit Academy will not purchase advertising to promote a third party event.
  • The third party event organizer is responsible for all vendor agreements, contracts, insurance, and necessary permits for the event.
  • Jesuit Academy will not assume any type of liability for a third party event, including liability for any injuries sustained by third party.

Charitable Giving Guidelines:

  • The nonprofit tax-exempt status of Jesuit Academy may not be used by the host organization to purchase items and materials with which to conduct the activity.
  • Third party event organizers should not provide tax advice to third party event contributors. Organizers should refer individuals to tax or legal counsel for information.
  • In order for a tax receipt to be issued, Jesuit Academy must be provided with the donor’s name, address and phone number with the donation.
  • Any checks made payable to Jesuit Academy must be forwarded to Jesuit Academy for processing and deposit. Such donations are tax-deductible and will be receipted by Jesuit Academy.
  • Notice of the event must be given 30 days prior if Jesuit Academy staff are requested to attend.

Event Request Submission & Approval Process:

  • The third party must submit a Third Party Event Application to Jesuit Academy at least 30 days in advance of the proposed date. If multiple events are proposed, a proposal must be submitted for each.
  • Third party organizers of donation drives are encouraged to contact Jesuit Academy 30 days prior to beginning the drive to determine the organization’s most critical needs. Requests to have a Jesuit Academy staff member available to attend in-kind donation drives will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Once approved, an approval letter will be sent to you via email, if provided.
  • Jesuit Academy will not approve a third party event if it promotes a political party, candidate, or potential candidate.
  • Jesuit Academy reserves the right to decline any event if it conflicts with mission, fundraising efforts, or event calendar.
  • Jesuit Academy reserves the right to cancel a third party event or disassociate with a third party event at any time in writing if these Third Party Event Policies are not satisfied or for substantial cause determined by the leadership team of Jesuit Academy.