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Bradyn, Class of 2020

Bradyn Gulley graduated from Jesuit Academy in 2020 and Creighton Preparatory High School in 2024. He intends to pursue his Bachelor’s degree in Pre-Medicine at Creighton University and is a proud recipient of the Grit Scholarship.

Throughout his time at Jesuit Academy, Bradyn was a great student, beloved by his teachers and someone who was seen as a natural leader. Even though he possessed a more quiet and gentle demeanor, Bradyn led by example through his actions. Within the classroom setting, Bradyn was attentive and eager to learn. As an athlete, he made his mark on the basketball and track teams. Jesuit staff and coaches remember Bradyn as the one who worked hardest each practice to improve and grow in his skillset. His speed got him first place in every sprint at track practice, and he broke the record for most charges and steals in basketball. His determination and leadership inspired his peers to push themselves in hopes of achieving their own individual goals.

The Gulley family’s connection to Jesuit Academy is strong, with Bradyn’s older brother (Xavier) and younger brother (Kaleb) attending school here, too. This spring, when Bradyn was presented with the news that he earned the Grit Scholarship to Creighton University, our JA team was able to be a part of it. Members of our Graduate Support team ventured over to Creighton Prep and watched as he officially learned the good news. It was an emotional day as Bradyn’s mother beamed with pride for her son and reminisced about his time at JA and the unwavering support their family has received over the years. There’s no doubt that Bradyn will be a tremendous addition to the Bluejays, and we can’t wait to see where life takes him!

Bradyn always spoke with confidence that he intended to further his academic aspirations with Jesuit institutions in Omaha, Creighton Prep and Creighton University. Anyone who knows Bradyn understands that his drive and perseverance got him where he wanted to be. We are so proud that his vision while at Jesuit Academy came to fruition, and that we get to bear witness to his successes. JA is proud to celebrate our alumni in every stage of their lives! Once a jaguar, always a jaguar!