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Holler If Ya Hear Me - It's a 90's Party!

Jesuit Academy’s goal as an educational institution is to provide a robust curriculum for our students to thrive as well as introduce additional experiences that will help mold them into well-rounded individuals. This school year, we’ve brought Art and Music back into the building, enabling our young men to explore their creativity in a structured course two days a week. With this new outlet, our students are using their voices and creativity to express their true selves at school with the hopes of echoing their talents into the community and the future as alumni.

We are grateful to have a local artist from the North Omaha community, Mr. Jaylan Ashley, as part of our staff. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, our young men work under his instruction to learn about various art forms and create some amazing pieces.

In October, Jesuit Academy partnered with the Rose Theater and JPYD of Omaha to stage a performance celebrating 50 years of Hip-Hop. Our young men underwent an intensive eight-week program with Mr. Ashley and JPYD of Omaha, receiving step-by-step guidance in mastering multiple skills essential for audio, video, and performance art productions (beat making, audio recording, video editing softwares, proper equipment usage, stage presence, writing scripts, crafting props, fostering inclusiveness, etc.).

With hundreds of attendees filling up the Rose Theater, our 73 young performers commanded the stage and entertained everyone. Below is an outline of the run of show:

  • Freestyle cypher video production by 5th grade
  • “Joyful, Joyful” sung by 7th grade
  • “Alone” freestyle crafted by 8th grade
  • Vinyl sampling / Beat making
  • Poetry sharing
  • Dance battle amongst 4th grade
  • “Candy Rain” audience sing-along finale by 6th grade

We look forward to putting on another performance at the Rose Theater next school year and hope YOU can join us. Save the date for Thursday, November 7, 2024!