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Future Leaders in Action

Pictured left to right: King (8th, President), Isaiah (6th), Jacorey (7th), Nehemiah (8th, Vice President), Xaivion (5th), Zaegan (4th), and Maurice (8th).

What began as a unique idea formed by one individual made history at Jesuit Academy. An eighth grade student, King, met with the principal to express his desire to empower the voices of all young men at the school. He petitioned that students should have the power to enact change, not just sit by while decisions are made for them.

His idea sparked the school's first-ever Student Government election campaign, resulting in young men holding positions as President, Vice President, and a Chairman from each grade level. These young men meet throughout the year to discuss new ideas and make decisions on a multitude of events such as dress down days, field trips, etc. Most recently, our students developed a schedule for Catholic Schools Week which included themed dress days, fun experiences, community service, and unique ways to highlight our Catholic/Jesuit teachings.

Jesuit Academy is proud to have young men who truly are passionate about getting involved with their school and strive to become future leaders in our community. We can't wait to see how their voices empower change as we round out the remainder of this school year and look forward to the next generation of leaders to follow in their footsteps!